Saturday, 16 July 2016


Dunkenhalgh Alldayer

Featuring yours truely on Saturday night with a set with Colin Curtis and a PA from Natasha Watts
One of the best events of the year.......Tony

Fro-Disia July 2016

Mauro Angelini - Round Trip
Cristian Prommers - No Problems
Mystery Edits - Washington's Groove
Voodoocuts - Jazzaround
Mauro Angelini - Ja.Bo.& Co
Mark Murphy - Love Is What Stays (Henri Schwarz remix)
Henri Texier - Les Lebas (Bonobo remix)
Dayme Arocena - Stuck
Dayme Arocena - Asking Eyes
Jimpster - Wild Light
Luis Ferri - Jurubeba
Invisible Sessions - I'll Be Your Wings

Fro-Disia June 2016

Five Corners Quintet - Lighthouse
Snowboy - New York Afternoon
Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise
Sunaga T Experience - Brighter Bossa
DJ Angola - East River Drive
Mop Mop - Ash (Curv edit0
Chris Joss - Lesson One
Souljazz Orchestra - Mista President
Quasimode - Afrosdisia
Leon Huff - Latin Spirit
DJ Fudge - Azalite
One51 - Together As One (Jazz mix)
Mighty Mighty - Karma
Erlon Chaves - Costra Nostra (Raw Deal mix)
Bill Summers - Brazilian Skies (DJ Spinna refreak)
Jaz'presso - Against The Wind
Sleepwalker - Into The Sun
Stefania Rava - Send In The Clowns
Tomoyoshi Nakumura Quintet - Big Boss Cat
Jukka Eskola - Buttercup
Spirit Boogie - Bright Moments

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tony Cooney (Fro-Disia), Live at VYBE

Freestylin' Xolo in Manchester

Fro-Disia April 2016

Hideo Shiraki Quintet - Sayonara Blues (Afro Blues Adjustment)
Spontaneous Combustion - Night Thing
Paolo Achenza trio - Chameleon pt 1
Bossa Nostra - Bossa Theam
Gabriele Poso - With Me Come Fly
Moca - Jazz Tip
S-Tone Inc - Ponta de Pedra
Humming Urban Stereo - Delicious Humming
Aaron Tesser - Everlasting Rose (Dave Masoch re-jazz)
Stefania Rave - Send In The Clowns
Electro Coco - Terra e Agua (Buscemi mix)
Gerardo Frisina - Calle de Candela
Anselmo Torres Neruda - Carabbean Harbour
Carmen Lundy - So This Is Love
Dorothy Ashby - Action Line