Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tony Cooney (Fro-Disia), Live at VYBE

Freestylin' Xolo in Manchester

Fro-Disia April 2016

Hideo Shiraki Quintet - Sayonara Blues (Afro Blues Adjustment)
Spontaneous Combustion - Night Thing
Paolo Achenza trio - Chameleon pt 1
Bossa Nostra - Bossa Theam
Gabriele Poso - With Me Come Fly
Moca - Jazz Tip
S-Tone Inc - Ponta de Pedra
Humming Urban Stereo - Delicious Humming
Aaron Tesser - Everlasting Rose (Dave Masoch re-jazz)
Stefania Rave - Send In The Clowns
Electro Coco - Terra e Agua (Buscemi mix)
Gerardo Frisina - Calle de Candela
Anselmo Torres Neruda - Carabbean Harbour
Carmen Lundy - So This Is Love
Dorothy Ashby - Action Line

Fro-Disia March 2016

Nils Krogh - Things We Do
Tape Five - Bossa For Coup
Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro - Open The Door
Cashbah 73 - Cabo Verde Strut
Blunted Funk Project - Hunt Uptown
Jazz Brothers - Beatitude
RSL - Every preston Guild
Herbie Hancock & Chacka Khan - The Essence (Joe Clausell mix)
Bas Lexter Ensample - Manuel
Luisto Quintero - Free My Soul
Anselmo Torres Neruda - Caribbean Harbour
Alan Lee - The World Is A Ghetto

Fro-Disia - The Nu-Latin Tapes

Bas Lexter Ensample - Cuba Inside
Rhythmagic Orchetra - African Mailman
Mo'Horizons - Green Day
Bunglove - Maracana
Atjazz - Nebulosa
Sabrina Malheiros - Capoeira Vai
Bob Dusi - Magia
Immigrants Bossa Band - Bonito
No Tenshun - Live Cantica
Gerardo Frisina - Helen Samba
Bas Lexter Ensample - Lisa
Vibrazoni Productions - Life