Monday, 5 October 2009

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of listening to an excellent 3 hr radio programme on the interwebthingymebob called Soul Discovery on 209radio from Cambridge hosted by Mike O`Donnell. His guests where Dr Bob Jones, Snowboy and Colin Curtis (pictured above with jazz/soul DJ Mark Grice(left), at the King Georges` Blackburn) and they where there to talk about the UK Jazz Dance Scene. I got the heads up on this from Colin himself who I met the night before at a great venue in St Annes (just outside of Blackpool - more on that in another post). Colin and his friend/driver Mark travel half way across the country to be part of this. For me it was like a moth to a flame. Having tuned in and absorbed it, all I can say it is a gem of a programme featuring some of the movers and shakers of the music we love. Their knowledge of the music, both at that time. and now, is amazing. They discuss how it all came about both in the North and the South of the UK, the dancers.... record sourcing and the clubs of the day and they add life and texture to  Snowboys book - `From Jazz Funk & Fusion to Acid Jazz` (available from I am a proud owner of this book`s original issue (spelling mistakes and all, which for me makes it more real cus I can`t spell for toffee as we say in the UK).........honest just buy it !
The programme is available to be heard on this link. 3 hrs well spent in my opinion.      

coments welcomed.