Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Fro-Disia Radio Show 28/04/15

Tania Maria - Aguadebeber - (Suonho retouch)
Sonic Funk Foundry - Voz do Brazil
Mitchell & Dewbury - Beyond The Rains
Nekta - No Need To Rumble
Timo Lassy - The More I Look At You
Yasuko Agawa - New York Afternoon (Quasimode remix)
Banda Favela - Neguinho
A Bossa Electrica - Skindo Le Le
Cecilia Starlin & Khari Simmons - Sunny Day
Harris Simon Group - Wind Chant
Morrissey Mullen - Slipstream
Patsy Gallant - Te Caliente
James Brown & Gene Chandler - There was A Time (Opolopo remix)
Alkalino - This Way Up
James Brown - Sunny (Funk Masters JBs)
Jackie & Roy - Don't Be Blue (Jazztroninica mix)
Jon Hendricks - I Bet You Thought...
Mike Campbell - and It All Goes Round ...
Jukka Escola - 1974
Paulo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi - Oriental Smile
Brenda Boykin - Love Is In Town
Five Corners Quintet - Blueprint
Soulstance - Eclipse
Carmen Lundy - Everything I Need.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Fro-Disia Radio Programme

Hi all. Been a bit stingy with the mixes of late, sorry about that but the reason is that as of 2100 hrs ( UK Time), Tuesday the 28th of April 2015 Fro-Disia becomes a radio programme. Yes somebody has let me loose on a set of decks right in the middle of Manchester for broadcasting to all you funky jazzy people. You can find me every Tuesday night at 2100 hrs on Radio Diamond for 2 hours of the usual blend of dance jazz, nu jazz Latin and funky grooves. Thats I will follow the Soul Unity programme with Mark Grice and Paul Shawcross. Hope you can make it. The programme will be placed her on my blog a day or two later for downloading. Best Tony (Teecee).

Radio Diamond