Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Friday, 2 August 2013

Freestylin' Back at The Mark Addy

Yes it`s happened. Freestylin' is back at it's original home of the Mark Addy in Manchester (Salford really). Dancing to some of the coolest Soul and Jazz feet away from the banks of the River Irwell right in the centre of Manchester. Summer Freestylin' gigs have the added bonus of that great patio by the river. Be you up for the dancin' or sittin on the patio soaking in the style you won't get a greater location in the city. City vibes, urban cool and jazzy grooves. It has everything you could want in a venue.

........AND this time folks sees the return of the Grand Poo Bah of all things groove ...Mr Colin Curtis.
Colin will be joining Paul Goldsmith and I for that phat heavy slab of groove that is Freestylin'

Join us. See you there....