Thursday, 10 December 2009

Freestylin 1st night 6th of December 2009.

What a first night that was. The venue was spot on. Nice decor with the curved brick ceilings, friendly staff (they even danced everytime they crossed the floor and behind the bar for that matter), wonderful location with the lights bouncing off the river only feet away from the dance floor.Always like a venue where you go down a flight of stairs to get in. Peoples reactions as they came in was amazing as they saw the venue and heard Baz`s sound system.
The music went from soul to jazz to soul ...and the reaction was excellent. brand new Nujazz, Latin, contempary Soul spaced with some not to often heard music from the past. Old jazzers discovering the nu stuff and soulies groovin on the jazz.What a refreshing change.All this in Manchester city center and.......on a Sunday.

some comments from those who attended fromthe essentialmodernsoul forum

....this is by far and away the best and most gorgeous venue I've ever had the privilege to visit .. if ever there was the perfect ,perfect venue then this has to be it ..amazing..
Musically totally spot on for me great array of brilliant contemporary soul and jazz goodness and I got to hear and dance to Joe amongst all dancey vibes as well
( made my night )..massive respect to all concerned ..I can't remember the last time I was this excited about going anywhere..just as good as this thing gets.

......congratulations to all involved. Had a great night and heard choonage you just don`t hear enough of.
Fantastic venue and a really good turnout for a first night. Keep us posted for the next one.

.....Freestylin thats whats it all about with DJs playing tunes,that we know they can play and they DID
The Venue was smooth,
The crowd was TOP NOTCH (good to see other djs supporting as well)
The vibe was 100% plus
Well done to all and great to see the support of Music lovers

.....and well done to all involved in Freestylin'.

....OMG what a venue!!! It was wonderful to see everyones faces as they walked through the door and to all say the same thing 'wow' - pure quality. What a find.

It was a great first night, thought the mix of the music was spot on. Did at first only intend on staying till around 10.00 due to work and getting a lift home but party people that we are stayed till near the end. CLASS.

There was some fantastic foot movement going on, pleasure to watch and how about all those DJ's in attendance Mr 'taking care of business' himself and boy can he dance. He loved the Joe track as did all the dancefloor.

This night is a definite must, it's different from all other nights in Manchester. It's going to be HUGE. Be warned.

Thanks guys - look forward to the next one - any ideas

.....WOW what a Fantastic first night for Freestylin'
Sometimes everything just feels right about a night.
Great Music, Great Company and the venue is to die for (How good is it gonna be on a warm summers evening).
Well done to all concerned for a perfect way to end the weekend, Especially Colin & Jan for putting this on & of course to Colin, Roger & Tony for making the Vibe just right.
Never seen so many off duty DJ's enjoying a night like we did last night.
The big question is now When are we doin' it again?

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