Monday, 20 September 2010

Stefania Rava - `The Sweetest Sound`

The latest album from Stefania Rava has caused quite a stir here in the UK with Colin Curtis and my good self. That is if two guys can cause a stir that is. Got to hear sound samples of the album tracks from a Japanese web site a few months back and I was impressed to say the least. Informed Mr. Curtis the same day and he too was suitably impressed to start looking to buy a copy. That proved a bit of a problem and a pain to be honest but more on that later. The quality of the production is outstanding the the track selection is excellent. There is something here for all Jazz heads. Marvelous uptempo Dance Jazz to sublime quality slow numbers to suit all tastes. Some classic tunes are presented to us with minimal but lively excellent acoustic accompaniment with Miss Rava`s elegant tones shining throughout. Personal favorites being Madeline Bell`s `That's What Friends Are For`, `Empty Faces` (vocal version of `Vera Cruz` evoking the classic by Mark Murphy), Joe Samples `Snowflake` and the truly dreamy excellent `Never Was Love`.Worth the price just for that one track alone in my humble opinion. Added are tunes by Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone and others and this is a must own Jazz album. Thats the problem guys.........the owning it bit, you see it`s only released in Japan thus far on the Pony Canyon label and it cost a few pennies and yen to get the damn thing over to good old `Blighty` (that's the UK if you don`t know). Produced by Italy`s Paolo Scotti`s of the De-Javu label and featuring Italian musicians including  Anrea Pozza one would think a European release would have nope not a smidgen of a drop of a whisker. Japan only and we don`t get it. Come on get this bloody thing released where people can get their hands on one of the best jazz albums of the year so far.Or dig deep and Google that thing in Japan. I believe you dear reader will want to own this,. We`ve got ours.

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