Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nice words from Tokyo Jazz Notes....thanks Sean

Tokyo Jazz Notes has from time to time posted features related to the jazz dance scene here in Japan, currently led by dance groups such as Stax Groove, Re:Poll FX, ADSL and Broken Sport, as well as the jazz dance events such as BeBop Square and Jazz For Dancers (coming up this weekend at JZ'Brat). It should be remembered that the current Japanese scene was born out of the UK jazz dance scene that dates back over the past couple of decades in a story well told by Snowboy in his book From Jazz Funk & Fusion To Acid Jazz: The History of the UK Jazz Dance Scene.

Back in the UK, some of the DJs from the original jazz dance scene are working hard to keep the sound alive and bring jazz dance firmly into the 21st century. Jazz fans in the north west of England will probably already be familiar with the Freestylin' event, and this slideshow features some shots from the events held over the last year or so. If you like what you see here, then you may also wish to check out fro-disia.blogspot.com, where you can listen to the monthly radio show from Colin Curtis and Tony Cooney from the Freestylin' team which features top jazz and Latin tunes from all over the globe, with a fair smattering of Japanese artists featured. The blog also features details of the upcoming Freestylin' events.

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  1. Gents - great show - love the music and the banter - sympathise with the pronunciation difficulties - Keep on with this, it's fabulous!

    Cheers JohnH