Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fro-Disia Mix June 2012

Tim Hutton – Colours (Freeform Five Mix)
A Forest Mighty Black – Doo Ba Ye
Elza Soares - Mas Que Nada (remix)
Farah Quintet – Nightingale (Watermelonman Remix)
Funky Bompa – Aquarelon
Oscar Brown Jr & Luis Henrique – Barra Limpa (remix)
Gerardo Frisina - Samba Skindim
George Benson – the World Is A Ghetto (Suenho remix)
The Unity Sextet – Us Six
Kid Loco – My Daddy Waza (Suenho remix)
G15 – Que Pasa
Cuban Jazz Combo – Remember Cal
Kojato & The Afro Latin Cougaritas – Like A Gypsy (Smoove remix)
12 Finger – Reis & Piratas
The Pipe – wade In The Water
Quartette Tres Bien – Boss Tres Bien
Mike Campbell – And It All Goes Round & Round

Hi guys.Here is my latest mix for your ears and feet. Nice blend of old and new with some excellent re-edits of classic favorites. The George Benson re-edit is having an immeadiate affect on the dance floor as it used to do many years ago in it`s original version and I like the Mas Que Nada re-edit a lot. This time around it`s Elzaa Soares version to get the treatment instead of the Sergio Mendes` classic.
Farah Quintet have an album  release in Japan. Import in the UK is available but I ain`t got mine yet. Their version of Dee Felice Trio`s - Nightingale is excellent and worth checking out. The version on the mix is a remix of that.........they don`t hang about do they. Others worth mentioning is the 12 Fingers - Reis and Piratas (off one of the Irma `Sister Bossa` albums) been playing this out for while and it always gets those feet moving. A tip of the hat to some absolute dance jazz classics in the form of Quatette Tres Bien and Mike Campbell. hope you enjoy the music.


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