Friday, 15 May 2015

Fro-Disia Radio Show 12/05/15

Christian Prommers - Strings of Life
Gerardo frisina - Living In The City
Stardish - Balkan Blue
Mr Hermano - Free As The Morning Sun (Disisco Remix)
John Beltran - Felicidad Nova
Louie Vega - Mozalounge
Nicola Conte - Kind Of Sunshine
DJ Cam - Summer In Paris
The Invisible Session - I'll Be Your Wings
Bosq - Coming Back
Temptations - Cloud Nine (Pied Piper Vocal Mix)
Chris Read - The Magic Is Gone
Bas Lexter Ensemble - Cuba Inside
Bas Lexter Ensemble - Los Hermanos
Bas lexter Ensemble - The Champion
Bas Lexter Emsemble - Oye Negra Alternative
Roman Andren - Land Of Two Suns
Lat far - Quality Hours
Cecilia Starlin - Favorite Things
Sunnaga T Experience - It's You
Soulstance - Lead The Way

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