Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fro-Disia Radio Show 101115

Roberta Flack - Compared To What
Up Bustle & Out - Compared To What
Rhythm Section - Suzanne's Jam
Karl Denson - Unwind Your Mind
Vibes Alive - The Spoken Word
Spirit Level - Solar Funk
Up Bustle & Out - Coca Conga
Chachao Y Su Combo - Descarga Cubanas
Gerardo Frisina - Descarga
Nova Catalina Octet - San Paulo
Bebo Valdes - Ita Morreal (Chris Foss Mix)
Beanfield - Catalpa
Akira Jimbo - Superstrut
Quando Quango - Genius
Curtis Fuller - Minor Vamp (Basement Boys remix)
The Jinks - Brazilla
Luis Santi - El Bigote
Up Bustle & Out - Los Locos Cubanos (Snowboy mix)
Jaz'Presso - against The Wind
Diplomats Of Soul - Sweet Power Of Your Embrace
Fouk - Coconuts
The Elder Statesman - Trans Alpine Express

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